This past year has been particularly difficult for many reasons, but after the election I decided to create a calendar, each month posing a question to ruminate on, as something that can be used as an aid in these long four years. Time has a way of softening things, but we should never forget the feelings we experienced after Nov 8, and the changes currently happening should never be normalized. Some questions involve activism, others are more personal regarding internal reflection. My hope is this calendar will serve as a reminder to stay political and to protect yourselves + each other while battling white supremacy.

Originally 20 copies were made for distribution among friends, an extra 20 copies were produced for New Laconic's table at the 2017 LA Art Book Fair. Some questions were swapped out to specifically speak more to those in creative fields.

100% of proceeds from first batch and 30% from the second are donated to Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.