Untitled Identity Project


Currently in its 2nd form, this project is a collaboration with friend/designer/UW alum/2nd gen Daphne Hsu that focuses on our individual identities and our relationship to familial history. We spent most of last year getting a hold of what this project means to us and what it could become, and have adjusted our focus accordingly. Reflecting how we navigate the world, a public and private side is being developed in tandem — a publication will be created quarterly, and each month we are making an item of any medium that fits with whatever has preoccupied our minds for the past 4 weeks.

While we have a loose idea of what we’re doing, this project is meant to be fluid and ever changing, much like ourselves. This page will be updated periodically as the project develops.
Photographs taken at my Oma's house in Bandung 2014 – 2017.

APRIL 2017